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2020 Fall Season


How Covid -19 has changed Rowing Registration.

How Covid -19 has changed Rowing Registration.

At the time of this writing, the state of Illinois is still working through the phases to quarantine/social distancing.  Specific dates related to when sporting activities resume are still fluid.

 That said, SICR is planning on a fall season.  In order to start as soon as we are given the go ahead we want to have all of our paperwork in order, gear ready and additional safety measures/supplies on hand at a moment’s notice.  Things like ordering uniforms for new rowers has a (2) month lead time, so we are planning to start now to be ready for Fall season.


We have decided to reduce any confusion with registration, we will keep the registration process identical to past years with one exception.  We will NOT be collecting fees at time of registration.

This allows for flexibility for several issues.

  1. This lets rowers sign up, prepare for participate in the sport, and should the worst case occur, (If the school or state decide to cancel all Fall sports),  families do not need to worry about getting refunds.
  2. If circumstances allow, the Board has the ability to reduce the $1000 fee.

As we get closer to our first regatta we will inform all rowers when fees are to be paid and if the amount is reduced.


This registration website will explain what is required in order to register, provide a downloadable registration packet,  allow you to complete the on-line contact information portion, sign up for participation, provide a link where uniforms can be purchased and submit payment. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.  Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account.  You will also have the ability to request financial assistance and/or payment plan. 

NOTE:  During the registration process, there is no "back" button, however, you will have the opportunity to edit any information during the "Review" process

Important Dates

July 2 - Registration and Varsity Uniform Orders Open  

July 15 - Uniform Orders Close (Varsity only)

- after this date, uniforms likely will not arrive before regattas and costs increase. 

July 15 - Registration for Returning Rowers Closes 

August 17 - First day of Fall Practice (non-novice)

(All registration paperwork must be received by registrar (5) days prior in order to attend practice)

August 20 - First day of Fall Practice (novice)

Sept 8 - Registration Close (Novice only) 

Info before starting

The registration process has changed, so please review the information below as there are a number of items that need completed in order to participate.  

1 - Numerous forms will need to be printed and require various signatures from: 

  • Parents
  • Athlete
  • Athlete’s Doctor
  • Lifeguard

2 - Photocopies of your medical insurance card (front and back) will needed.

3 - Athletes are required to join “US Rowing” where a National Rowing number is assigned, an online waiver is signed and a small registration fee is required.  A link to this national registration process will guide you to the site and explain the process. 

4 - Athletes are required to pass a swimming test, performed at many local or public pools, certified by a lifeguard. (This is for first time rowers only.)

5 - Several forms are required to be done on-line, but most of the forms will be needed in hard copy.  Additionally, there are (4) specific forms that will need to be copied and submitted (for a total of  3 of each), to allow for the required distribution.  Your assistance in providing the (3) copies of these forms is will speed up our process and is greatly appreciated.

2020 Fall Registration Packet

Down load and print the Registration Packet below.

The documents listed below are found in the attached download (above) and each has unique document number (ie. 2G) to reduce confusion. (Please note - your actual submittal, such as the medical forms, does not need to have the document number on it.)

  • (1A) - St. Ignatius Field Trip Form - Page 1
  • (1B) - St. Ignatius Field Trip Form - Page 2
  • (1C) – This Seasons Tentative Rowing Schedule
  • (2A) - Athletico - Consent to Treat & Emerg. Contact
  • (2B) - IESA Medical Form (Pre-participation Examination) - Front
  • (2C) - IESA Medical Form (Pre-participation Examination) – Back
  • (2D) – IHSA Concussion Info Sheet
  • (2E) – IHSA Concussion Info Sheet (cont.)
  • (2F) – IHSA PES & Steroid Testing Policy
  • (2G) - Concussion, Drug testing & Asthma Acknowledgement & Consent Form
  • (3) - St. Ignatius Chicago Rowing - Consent to Treat
  • (4) - St. Ignatius Chicago Rowing- Waiver
  • (5) - Swimming Proficiency (First year of participation only)
  • (6) – SICR - Missing School for event form (only spring season or only select rowers in fall)
  • (7) - Payment Plan (only if needed)
  • (8) - Financial Aid  (only if needed)
  • (9) – Check list of what is required to be submitted for registration
  • (10) – School - Coronavirus/COVID-19 - Assumption of the Risk Wavier
  • (11) – SICR - Coronavirus/COVID-19 - Assumption of the Risk Wavier


Water Safety

New Rower Swimming Proficiency Certification 

In order participate on water, rowers must visit an off-site pool, and have a lifeguard certify completion of the requirement listed on Swimming Proficiency (Doc. #5).  This is only required if the rower has not submitted this for to SICR before and we have your form on file.



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Brad Keith

Point of Contact

Phone: (312) 952-2723